Our Story

Westridge Meats and The Ridge Meats have serviced the Toowoomba community for over 25 years. In that time we have won many awards for our quality range of meats, sausages and smallgoods.

We take great care in buying only the very best locally produced livestock. Our Lambs are personally selected at the Warwick Sale each week, our Pigs come from the Pilton Valley and are the very best quality and our MSA Yearling Beef comes the grassy paddocks of Killarney.  Luke speaks with our local farmers on a weekly basis to ensure our animals are being treated well, are of good health and are of the highest quality.

Our local family business is owned and operated by Luke and Michelle Jensen.  Luke has been a butcher for 15 years and had managed Westridge and The Ridge Meats for 4 year prior to purchasing the business.  Luke and his team of butchers are returning to traditional butchering techniques to promote quality, freshness and consistency.

In 2010, Michelle was teaching at a rural township outside of Toowoomba.  Most afternoons she would call into the local butcher to buy dinner for the evening.  Rarely would Michelle buy two nights worth of meals as a certain butcher had caught her eye.

Late one afternoon, close to closing time, Michelle was wanting to buy beef and pork mince for a lasagne.  Fortunately, Luke was serving her and offered to mince some fresh pork as there was none in the window.  Michelle said not to bother, but Luke insisted.

That evening, while cooking the lasagne that could feed ten people however, she was only feeding one. Michelle thought that in the she could drop some leftovers in for Luke to say thank you for his amazing customer service.  So, the next morning Michelle dropped off some lasagne for Luke’s lunch.

That evening, Luke contacted Michelle on Facebook and thanked her for the lasagne.  They then became Facebook Friends, when Michelle noticed that Luke was having a birthday on the last day of the school term.

Michelle loves to bake and for any student’s birthday, she would bake cupcakes for the class to celebrate.  As it was the last day of term, Michelle decided to bake cupcakes for all her students.

There just happen to be 24 spare cupcakes, which she dropped off to the butcher shop on the way to school, to help celebrate Luke’s birthday…

…And the rest is history.  They are now married and have a beautiful little boy, Hugh.

After the birth of Hugh, Luke and Michelle were wanting to invest in business to create generational change for their new family.  As Luke had been the manager of Westridge Meats for four years, the previous owner approached Luke to purchase the business.

In June 2017, Luke and Michelle became the proud owners of Westridge Meats and The Ridge Meats.