Zesty Lamb Chops


 -  Lamb Shoulder Chops

 - Lemon Juice

 - Rosemary

 - Olive Oil

 - Salt & Pepper

 - Lemon Rind for extra Zest (optional)

 - Garlic (optional)



1.  Grate the lemon rind finely & juice the lemon

2.  Add juice, rind (optional) and a big splash of Olive oil to dish

3.  Finely chop rosemary & garlic and add to dish

4.  Season with Salt & Pepper

5.  Toss & Coast the chops well in the marinade

6.  Cover & refrigerate until needed, for optimum flavour leave for at least 15 minutes

7.  Heat fry pan or cast iron pan

8.  Cook to your liking & serve


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