Slow Cooked Topside Pot Roast


 - Beef Topside Roast

 - Mustard

 - Honey

 - Fresh Herbs

 - Stock

 - Red Wine


1.  Mix the mustard, honey & fresh herbs together

2.  Rub onto the roast

3.  Add 3 parts stock and 1 part red wine to the pot

4.  Place pot into the over at 160°C

5.  Bake until the roast is cooked to your liking

Depending on the size of your roast and how well your oven cooks, a convenient way to know if your Roast BEEF is ready is by an internal temperature:⁠

Rare = 40°C⁠
Medium-Rare = 55°C⁠
Medium = 60°C⁠
Medium-Well = 65°C⁠
Well-Done = 70°C⁠



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